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Advanced Kickstarter Linking Strategies

Search for the following on Google or Yahoo:

  1. coin age
  2. tiny epic kingdoms
  3. fief – france 1429
  4. ruckus: the goblin army game

What do these games have in common? Their Kickstarter pages are ranked above both their BGG pages and their publisher website pages.

During a Kickstarter campaign, that’s great, but after the campaign is finished, it’s horrible! If you’re spending hours and hours promoting a Kickstarter campaign, wouldn’t it be nice if that effort paid dividends after the campaign was over? When you launch your next Kickstarter campaign…

DO NOT promote a link like this:

DO promote a link like this:

THEN setup that webpage to automatically redirect to the Kickstarter page.

The best way to do this is with a 302 Redirect. The code required to create such a redirect depends on what programming language your website uses.

Alternatively, you can add a javascript redirect to your webpage.

<script>window.location = "";</script>

Now, whenever someone clicks on a link to this webpage, he will be taken to your page first, but then automatically be taken to your Kickstarter page, the page you set out to promote in the first place.

When your Kickstarter campaign is over (or a few weeks later), simply remove the redirect from your webpage! All of a sudden, dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of links out in the wild will now be pointing at your website instead of Kickstarter, and soon enough, your search engine rankings will reflect it.


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